23 - 28 of August 2020

Lipsoi - Kos - Simi - Rhodes

The Race is postponed

Aegean Regatta is postponed

This year the international Sailing Race Aegean Regatta 2020 had an anniversary, with the completion of 20 years from its beginning. Organizing a big event like the Aegean Regatta requires preparation from the previous year. This year, however, this was not possible, given the COVID 19 pandemic and the special conditions that have been created.

In order to maintain the character and purpose of the event and to preserve the health of the inhabitants of the islands, the Aegan Regatta is postopned.

We inform you that the race is scheduled to take place in 2021, if conditions allow it.


Commemoration in Plomari

We are waiting for you tonight at 20:30 on the red mole of Plomari Port for a Greek night. The “Akrites of Aegean Aiolis Iones” will dance Sirtos, Hasapikos, Sirtaki and other Greek folk dances. The Greek cultural association “Akrites of Aegean Aiolis Iones” and the Serbian team Kud Lijesce Brod will introduce you to Balkan culture. We are waiting for you