Great sailing duels in the Aegean Regatta 2023

Τhe Aegean Regatta 2023 is getting in the final stray and the sail boats are fighting for the first place. The final race from Oinousses to Kardamyla will decide the winners.

The biggest “battle” takes place in the Offshore Performance category where the boats Baximus and Αnatelousa Afroditi are tied for first place. In the ORC Sport category, Meliploe has taken a serious lead.

In a very beautiful event, on Friday night in Oinousses, the prizes were awarded for the 3rd sailing race, the Kardamyla – Oinousses leg.

The results by category

ORC Performance – 3rd race

1 VORRAS – captain Aristos Hadjistamatiou

2 GRANMA X – captain Christoforos Pritsoulis

3 BAXIMUS – captain Thanasis Baxevanis

ORC Sport 1

1 MARAKI – PLUS CONSTRUCTION – captain Dimitris Marakis

2 HAKUNA MATATA – captain Dimitris Sofitsis

3 FAIRYTALE  – captain Dimitris Zachos

ORC Sport 2


1 MELIPLOE – captain Thanasis Piniaris

2 THEODORA – captain Miroslav Shopov

3 ASTRAPI – captain Vasilios Kapitanidis

ORC Sport 3


1 KYMOTΗΟΕ – captain  Efstathios Giannakopoulos

2 DAS BOOT – captain Dimitris Stamatas

3 SUN FIZZ – captain Efstratios Pallis

On Thursday evening, the award ceremony for the 2nd race was held in the beautiful Kardamyla. It followed by the exchange of commemorative gifts between the Municipality of Chios, the Offshore Committee of the Hellenic Sailing Federation and the General Secretariat for the Aegean and Island Policy. The Offshore Committee President Erifyli Vardaki thanked the Mayor of Chios for the warm reception and hospitality.

The Aegean Regatta 2023 is organized by the General Secretariat for the Aegean and Island Policy, in co-operation with the Hellenic Sailing Federation / Offshore Committee.

The organization of the Aegean Regatta 2023 is coordinated by PEKE of Vrontadow and the co-organizing clubs are: A.S.I.A.Th. RHODES, Sailing Club of Mytilene, L.O.I.A.TH. Mytilini, N.C. Chios, N.C. Samos, N.C. Kardamylon.