Greeting of the Deputy Minister for Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

It is a great honor to welcome the “Aegean Regatta 2024”, an event that has evolved into an institution for maritime events, not only in Greece but also in the Mediterranean. It is a double joy that this year’s event will focus on the Dodecanese.

After 23 years, the organization of Aegean Regatta has gained a special place in the hearts of Greek and Mediterranean sailors as well as the inhabitants of the Greek islands.

Every year, a region of the Greek islands is selected for the routes of the Games, gaining the love and trust of the residents and visitors of our islands.

The Aegean Regatta for 2024 will include a rich program with parallel cultural events for all ages, sailors from Greece and abroad, residents and visitors of our islands. Congratulations are due to the excellent organization of the General Secretariat for Aegean and Island policy, the offshore Committee of the Greek Sailing Federation as well as to all the organizations that cooperate.

I wish from the bottom of my heart good luck and good seas to all those who take part in the “Aegean Regatta 2024”, the organization of a model in the Aegean Sea. Enjoy the sun and the Aegean Sea.

“The Aegean”, Odysseus Elytis the Greek Nobelist poet had written, “is of matter or spirit (it does not matter) led to the essential.”

Ioannis Pappas

Deputy Minister for Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

MP for Dodecanese New Democracy