The Aegean Regatta starts from Molyvos its new beautiful journey in the Aegean Sea

Ready to sail the Aegean Sea for 22nd time is the international sailing event “Aegean Regatta” starting from Molyvos, Lesvos, on Sunday August 20, with the official opening ceremony.

62 boats and more than 600 sailors from Greece and abroad will participate in the regatta which is an institution for the nautical sports of the Archipelago. The sailors will race in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea living at the same time unique moments in the beautiful islands – stops of the regatta.

The Aegean Regatta 2023 which is organized by the General Secretariat for the Aegean and Island Policy, in co-operation with the Hellenic Sailing Federation / Offshore Committee starts from Lesvos island at Molivos and sailors will  travel to the islands of Psara, Chios, Oinousses and back to Chios for the closing ceremony, on the 26th of August.

The first sailing boats are already in Molyvos in order to start the regatta on Monday morning, sailing to Psara. The President of the Offshore Committee of the Hellenic Sailing Federation, Erifuli Vardaki, says about the Aegean Regatta: “For another year we look forward to welcoming in our beautiful islands all the sailors participating in the Aegean Regatta. The Organizing Committee together with the cooperating sailing clubs have done an excellent job and I am sure that also this year the regatta will be crowned with great success. Good luck to all the sailors.”

The program of the Aegean Regatta 2023

Saturday August 19 – Molyvos

16:00 Registrations and Inspections

Sunday, August 20 – Molyvos

10:00 Registrations and Inspections

20:00 Skipper’s Meeting

21:00 Opening Ceremony

Monday, August 21 – Molyvos

11:00 Offshore Race

Molyvos – Psara, about 65nm

Tuesday, August 22 – Fish

21:00 Award Ceremony

Wednesday, August 23 – Psara

11:00 Offshore Race

Psara – Kardamyla, about 30nm

Thursday, August 24 – Kardamyla

21:00 Award Ceremony

Friday August 25 – Kardamyla

11:00 Offshore Race

Kardamyla – Oinousses about 18nm

21:00 Award Ceremony

Saturday August 26 – Oinousses, Kardamyla

11:00 Offshore Ceremony

Oinousses – Kardamyla, about 8nm

21:00 Closing Ceremony